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What Is Next?

There are a number of graves in the cemetery, some say up to 1200 depending on who you ask. One of the main issues is that many do not have a grave stone or marker. It would appear that over the years some markers were removed, destroyed or just lost with no indication as to who was buried where in the cemetery.

Thus lies one of the main problems with grave locations. There isn’t a graveyard map indicating who’s buried where.  We are trying to correct this problem with the help of the friends and relatives of people buried in the cemetery.

If you have love ones, friends, relatives or just know of someone’s grave location in the cemetery, we want to talk with you to help us document the  location.  If you know of historical individuals that are buried there and can give us the background information on them, we would like to talk with you too.

Several years ago some students from North Carolina State University did an inventory and marking of all of the graves at Hillcrest Cemetery.  There findings are captured on this link.